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Nominated for Best Novella of 2008 by Long & Short Romance Reviews!

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Something's Rotten
at the Gates of Heaven

     Under conspiratorial inspiration of Olympian thrones,
Thalia, the muse of comedy,
sends a blessing of love and laughter to Drew Murphy,
a young man cursed to a short and miserable life. 

     But when her favorite messenger Daisy Sullivan
accidentally launches the magic
--wrong time, wrong place, wrong method, wrong everything!--
Thalia must force to light
buried secrets of a millennia-old family curse
and face down a most vengeful god on his own battlefield
if she wishes to free both Drew and Daisy
from an unJust fate. 

     Ares, the bloodthirsty god of war,
loves only one thing as much as he loves battle....
     How's Thalia supposed to make THAT funny?
At least, she's wearing her best sandals!

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Reviews for No Funny Stuff!

Reviewed by Bitten By Books
Rating:  5 out of 5 Tombstones

     …What do you get when you mix the Muse of Laughter, a calamity-ridden man, a fantastically eccentric red head, a Chihuahua with the heart of a rottweiler, and a task from the Gods? An utterly fabulous story filled with humor and depth, that’s what. This story practically flew off the pages and I had so much fun… I loved this spin on Greek Mythology…and the back story for Drew’s family curse was interesting. The interplay between the different deities was well done and a rather humorous version of what was said to happen rather frequently when Olympians take sides. I also got a real kick out of Thalia’s various shoe stores. I highly recommend this tale if you’re looking for a laugh out loud story that is the perfect remedy for a downer of a day or a long day at work.

Reviewer: Sarai

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Reviewed by Long and Short Romance Reviews
Rating: 5 out of 5 Books

     Greek gods and muses have their own way of looking at the world, and it’s not always a nice one. If you live forever, you can hold a grudge forever, and boy, do the poor mortals sometimes suffer as a result. Thalia, muse of laughter, usually steers clear of these darker doings of her fellow celestial beings. It’s hard to find a punch line in a tragedy. But when she’s asked a little favor, she has no choice but to become involved.

     Daisy and Andrew meet by accident. Literally. She nearly runs him over in busy New York. Morose after losing his job, he’s in no mood to see the bright side of life, but Daisy is just such a breath of fresh air, he feels himself succumb to laughter even when he’s sure she’s nothing but trouble. That’s when the gods get involved, blowing on an already flaming fire between Andrew and Daisy. Life couldn’t get any better for either of them, but tragedy looms on the horizon.

     Not, however, if Thalia can help it. Sometimes the most depressing darkness just needs to be tickled in the right spot. Now if only she can decide on the perfect shoes to wear for the job…

     I know, I know, the genre classification isn’t quite on the usual list. However, Ms Hart’s enthralling tale needs that classification, for it has enough of each element to more than satisfy readers of humorous contemporary and fantasy alike.

     Beautifully written, with characters so three-dimensional you feel you can reach out and touch them, this novel is the best I’ve read for a long time. It will have you laughing out loud, chewing your nails, and sitting nowhere but on the very edge of your seat. Be warned: do not try to drink coffee while you’re reading this, you might end up spurting the brew all over your electronic reader.

     You’ve been warned.
     I highly recommend No Funny Stuff!, it’s fantastic.

Reviewed by: Eglantine

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Two Lips Reviews
Rating: 4 out of 5 Lips

     Drew Murphy has been cursed by the gods of Mount Olympus to live a shortened life.  Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, hears of his plight and decides to make his last days more enjoyable.  She contacts her mortal friend, Daisy, and proceeds to relate the tale to her.  Thalia gives Daisy a little red box and asks her to bestow the gift upon Drew.  What’s inside Thalia’s gift?  Is there any way to lift the curse from Drew?
    No Funny Stuff! is an amusing tale that kept me laughing at times. I loved the way Michele Hart wove Greek mythology into modern times.  Daisy is a loveable ditzy woman who quickly falls in love with Drew.  With her cute Chihuahua, Ole’, in tow, she runs into Drew and convinces him to accompany her to rescue her family’s tree farm.  Drew reluctantly goes along with her on a journey which will change both their lives.  Along the way, Thalia assists the couple, intervening at key moments.  Thalia is an utter delight herself as the ever-resourceful Muse of Comedy.  She’s a unique character in the gods’ pantheon- loving laughter, humanity, and possessing a wicked shoe fetish!  You’ll be glad you read No Funny Stuff! as Ms. Hart immerses you in this imaginative setting.

Reviewer: Victoria

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     The Muse of Comedy definitely has what it takes - and as a bonus she has a penchant for fancy footwear.  Michele Hart’s No Funny Stuff! had me laughing out loud from the moment Daisy and Drew Murphy ran into each other (well to be absolutely accurate Daisy runs into Drew.)  Throw in a vengeful god, a devious goddess or two and a tiny Chihuahua dog with delusions of grandeur and you have a hilariously funny story.  As if that’s not enough, there is also a family secret to be uncovered – and no lack of romance as sexual tension grows and culminates in steamy, satisfying passion.
     But it’s not all laughter and light for Thalia.  What starts out as comedy could very easily turn to tragedy and she has to act swiftly if she is to prevent a cruel injustice being inflicted on the man her messenger, Daisy, has grown to love.
     For a real page turner that is both funny and touching, I can heartily recommend Michele Hart’s NO FUNNY STUFF!.

Reviewer: Hywela Lyn, Author of Starquest